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Title: Calling Frequency
Author: Hours Gone By
Fandom: Dead Space 3
Pairing/Characters: Isaac Clarke and John Carver.
Rating/Category: PG for swearing
Prompt: Carver’s always had an issue with trust, and he’s not one to rely on anyone but himself. Now that he’s doing just that, he finds Isaac’s a lot different than what he imagined.
Spoilers: For the Dead Space series, up to the post-credits scene for Dead Space 3.
Summary: Trapped on Tau Volantis, an injured Carver has to rely on Isaac for help.
Notes/Warnings: Probably very mildly AU: I haven't played Dead Space: Awakening yet.

Written for [livejournal.com profile] smallfandomfestRound 19, June - July 2016
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I found this here, not sure where it originated. But it's so true.

so like. dragon age though.

origins: your party is a bunch of misfits, right, but they’re well-meaning. we’ve got some people who are really trying to do good by themselves and work together to defeat the blight. desperate times bringing together fighters to save ferelden.

inquisition: the cream of the crop. these guys are the fuckin top of the food chain, elite warriors, spies, an actual fuckingod. they are battle-tested and hardened. even the cinnamon buns will set you on fire.

da 2: who the FUCK even kNOWS fenris get out of the liquor cabinet haHAhHA everything’s fine aveline anders FUCKING PUT DOWN THE BOMB I SWEAR TO THE MAKER isabela nO fUCK


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